Office 807

Office 807

Studio Dot
Arunachal Building, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India | View Map
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Studio 916; Pankit Saini, Ashdeep Singh Bamra

Office 807

Studio Dot as Architects

A ‘home’ is not just created by construction and materials, it is rather a by-product of astute planning and thoughtful design philosophies.  Similarly instilling a relevant architectural idea in any office space, can altogether result in an ambiance that is a pleasure to be employed with. This workspace designed by Studio Dot encompasses strategic and contemporary elements that reflect quirk and commercial ethos in one passing frame. Built-in a mere span of 25 days, the modular management applied to the layout of this office, is aptly accentuated against a subtle background of congruent colours. 

The implementation of a plush office in the stated period of time was the only criterion mentioned in the brief by this US-based wealth management company. Complying with the client’s desire and the restricting parameters of space & time; the design team sought to inculcate simplistic decor components and geometric furnishing. Such aspects, in amalgamation with warm textures and a hint of vibrance, aided to create the requisite palatial vibe. Further embellishment to the concept has been added via a functional planning scheme and an open design format. 

The entire office space was primarily differentiated into three major segments, namely: waiting lobby, a continuing array of workstations, and a meeting room. At the onset, a hardwood door with teak veneer with adjacent office credentials greets any incoming user with a beaming streak.  The first facet that quickly grabs the attention is a signature colored focal wall, further artistically amplified by a row of mounted picture frames. A grey-toned sofa, perched elegantly in the foreground along with a complimentary side and yet another marble top coffee table, effortlessly blend into creating a minimalistic waiting area. Further on an open and inviting workspace,  partitioned from the waiting by a perforated interface, can be perceived occupying a major extent. While the teak wood furniture imbibes a semblance of poise, compatible with the vision of the brand, a touch of vibrant orange in the verticals and the MS mesh ceiling include the requisite tang. Composed with ivory walls and a sequence of clouded panels, the design of these stations introduces a stress-free atmosphere without a hitch. The personal spaces (toilets) too, have been executed with complying white tones, to create an illusion of amplified volume. Aligned with the external periphery of the main structure, the culminating meeting room houses pertinent seating options with a teak center table. A space for an inspiring discussion, in a milieu of planters and louvered window panes in wood, is definitely what the architects successfully conveyed through its purposeful design sense. 

Synonymous with most architectural endeavors of Studio Dot, details happen to be the biggest game-changer in the design of Office 807 too. From installing slick doorknobs to the pantry storage racks in teak, all elements in every space of this office, showcase a plethora of intrinsic detailing which yet again marry the entire scheme in one ideology. A unifying flooring in engineered wood also supplements the effect; creating a panorama of visual delight for both employees and incomers.  

In the age of co-working spaces, Shubhit Khurana and Anmol Arora - principles of Studio Dot have successfully presented their client with an office that is practically and technically-sound yet; does not fail to extrude an aura of interaction and timelessness. 

Text Credits: Bineeta Ghoshal

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