Office and retail building on Veikou Avenue

Office and retail building on Veikou Avenue

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Office and retail building on Veikou Avenue

Potiropoulos+Partners as Architects

The architectural treatment refers to the concepts of "interruption" and "viewing", in a major axis of the city (Veikou Avenue) which along the commercial center of the urban block is surrounded by continuous indifferent building fronts. The perpendicular roads to Veikou Avenue function as connections to the neighboring urban areas, as well as "frames" to the east presenting images of the hills of Psychiko and also highlighting the activities of the housing developed in the inner blocks. The dramatic rise of the topography that emerges in the background, offers optical detonations to the avenue, designed to provide rhythm and depth, while associating the built with the natural element.

The regular volume of the building strictly follows the urban boundary, as it has been monolithically coated with wood - a natural material- that decelerates the repetition of stereotypical fronts along the road, while attracting the "nature" towards the densely built urban complex. Noting and interpreting the element of "viewing" and hence of "perspective", the architectural concept perceives the "voids" of the shell as "interruptions-optical escapes" that symbolically refer to the respective "interruptions-optical escapes" of the perpendicular roads. Therefore, supposingly that the map has been rotated in a vertical direction, the skin of the building is organized by a system of 'voids- frames' which precisely deals with these elements and their relationship with light. The engraved carvings on the outlines of the openings enhance the feeling of perspective.

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