Office building for Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado

Office building for Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado

Bayón Arquitectos, S.L.P.
Torrelaguna street 58, Spain | View Map
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Office building for Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado

Bayón Arquitectos, S.L.P. as Architects

The 2007 proposal for the new Administrative Building for the General Management of Assets of the State of Spain, represented a tribute to the architecture of the building Corrales and Molezún that once was home to the Reader's Digest with which it shares plot, today very upset though preserved in its main aspects. The competition was to design a new building, independent of the previous one, which was able, with the ordinance enforcement, to absorb the remaining buildable site area, only connecting the new with the old building by a vestibular module at the ground floor, without touching or stepping on it.

If the Corrales - Molezún project acted on a large plot with a synthetic architecture based on two twinned parallelepipeds of square plant, all the remaining buildable area of the site is now concentrated in a single abstract and content prism located in the center of the remaining inside space. The open floor plan with square modulation of the old building, is reproduced in the new in an exact square isotropic mesh repeated throughout the metric of the building whose double façade makes it a double glass prism that contains itself and allows ventilation between the two light and gently translucent layers, always seeking for the abstraction of a polyhedron of pure equal facades whose outer skin is a levitating sheet which does not reach the ground.

That double transventilated facade, protected to the inside with automatic or manual blinds behaves as a "thinking" element to the service of the building in its solar behaviour, thermal and light adaptation and to the search for a rigorous low energy consumption in relation with the administrative life and inside working conditions, at different times of the day, seasons and orientations of its plants, with minimal maintenance. Its abstraction and the purity of the whole set are obtained through multiple details and individual constructive solutions, as the best guarantee of its correctness, become invisible at last, immersing it all in an order and clarity of visual aspects both to the exterior and to the interior.

This building has won the PREMIO COAM 2016 - The Madrid Institute of Architects (COAM) Awards -, the Best Glazed Façade in the Spanish Association of Architecture Institutes (CSCAE)/Saint Gobain Awards and the Best Solar Shading System in Veteco-Asefave 2016 Awards.

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