Office Building Renag AG

Office Building Renag AG

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Muller Architekten

Office Building Renag AG

Roschmann Group as Manufacturers

The new building of the Renag AG is a simple, elongated, box shaped structure. The finesse lies in the composition of the façade, designed as an energy efficient double skin.

Typically, the façade elements have a size of 4.7 meters x 3.7 meters. The inside is insulated triple-glazed while the outside is single-glazed. The space between is aerated through top and laterally arranged openings.However, the special charm rests in the composition of the outer casing. The supporting structure of the asymmetrical pyramids consists of sharp-edged stainless-steel-T-profiles. The glazing is affixed to the supporting structure with an additional mechanical safety at the intersecting node and the outer frame.

Office Building Renag AG

Muller Architekten as Architects

1 Space utilisation and development The new administration building of the Channoine Cosmetics is located at Austraße in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

The rectangular floor plan of this approximately 15m high structure integrates with the building line of the existing buildings along Austraße. This urban development is significantly defined by the building lot and the location.

The building owner who formulates high expectations is running a successful company that produces top-quality products for the cosmetics industry. The aim was to create a connection between the product philosophy and the architectural response to the exquisite design of flacons and the packaging.

There are subjects as cube, mountains, crystal, raster, reflections, climate and energy that influence the designing work opposite the subjects as exclusiveness, individuality, value, ecology and uniqueness.

The building consists of four levels as well as one basement which illustrates a larger floor plan as the upper levels. The underground parking and the technical equipment rooms are co-located here. Additional parking places are on the rear side of the building. In addition, there are green landscape areas where art is shown.

The main entrances can be recognized by façade areas retracted at an angle considerably to the ground floor. An open stairwell lobby with two elevators is located in the middle of the building expend over all floors and down to the underground parking.

Incidental daylight comes in through the crystal-shaped toplights in the attic space above the stairs and consequently into the inside space.

The vertical front pattern allows for a flexible office space. The partitions of the offices are simply fastened to the inner façade glazing walls with glass holders with the intention to show a complete room value. In the inner zone there are coffee-corners which serve as communication-areas.

2 The inner façade The inner façade consists of non-load bearing windows, which are built from rope pressed aluminium frame profiles and a triple isolating glass from the system “Schüco AWS 70.Hl”. The heat transfer coeffizient of the 70mm deep thermally separate frame combine is 1,7 W/m²K. The surfaces of the aluminium parts received RAL 9004 signal black powder-coatedly with 28% gloss finish.

In one unit there are four side-hung units inserted which can be opened up to 90°, by authorized persons for cleaning purposes. In summer, the floor-to-ceiling door leaves can be opened, up to 120mm, by all users to provide natural ventilation, whilst retaining the safety barrier function.

In the case of the internally glazed triple insulation glass, the heat transfer coeffizient is 0,5 W/m²K according to the european norm EN 673. The level of light transmittance is 65% and the total energy transmittance is 48%. The glass construction for the 60 mm deep insulating glass is made of a 10 mm laminated safety glass 10-2 (the outer pane), a cavity of 18 mm, a 5 mm toughened safety glass with a heat soak test (ESG-H), a second cavity of 18 mm and a 8 mm toughened safety glass (ESG-H)( the inner pane).

All windows, that can be opened, are equipped with magnetic contacts, which are connected to the anti burglary alarm system for protection.

60 mm deep louvred blinds with concave-convex louvre blades are mounted towards the outer skin in the space between the façades. These blinds are operated by a concealed, maintenance-free motor.

3 The outer façade The design inspiration for the façade is drawn from the mountains’ sharp edges, rocks and ice. The shape of these elements is shown again in the form of the varying prisms.

The mono-glass panes of the outer façade consist of four visually different but equally constructed types. The measurements of each individual prism is 4565 mm x 3300 mm from the ground floor to the second floor and 4565 mm x 3680 mm in third floor. There are 12 individual prisms each mounted on the north and south side; and 44 individual prisms each are mounted on the east and west side. Except for the entrance area on the ground floor, the façade consists of only one shell.

There are several air vents measuring 135 x 70 mm affixed in the lower horizontal cast-iron frame profile; and several exhaust vents in the upper sections vertically, on the left and right side, each measuring 135 x 70 mm. These vents are spread equally throughout the surface and serve for back-ventilation of the outer shell.

The mono-glass panes consist of 12,76 mm thick laminated safety glass which are black enamelled on the inside edges. The geometric forms of the glass panes are uneven triangles and no glass plate within a prism is built equal to one another.

In case of the mono-glass pane, the level of light transmittance is 85% and the total energy transmittance is 74%.

The mono-glass panes are made of solar glass and are equipped with a self-cleaning surface.

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