Office for playing games - Nanobit

Office for playing games - Nanobit

Radnička cesta 37b, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia | View Map
Project Year
Relja Ivanic

Nanobit, ‘’A Dedication to the 10th Art’’

Brigada as Interior Architects

Nanobit, one of the most successful Croatian gaming companies, has moved into a new office space with 1.633 square meters to accommodate constantly growing workforce.


Although the development of technology and the gaming industry has shifted our daily lives, all true gamers love and appreciate the classics. This is the reason why Brigada developed a concept that recalls early stages of game industry and games such as: Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Minesweeper, Snake, Compound 4, Pacman, and similar,naming it ''A Dedication to the 10th Art’’. 


The work space is organized in large offices that function as separate open space zones or closed rooms, depending on how each team works. Common spaces such as kitchen, lounge areas, game and Skype rooms and booths are connected to a centrally positioned core. Each space has its own thematic game that characterizes it, which is referenced in the space using specific shapes and colors. This gives the user enough knowledge about the game without over-the-top decorations that limit the functionality of the space. A dark, open ceiling with yellow tubes flowing through connect the rooms into one.


The yellow and blue console rooms with their monochrome and extremely strong acoustic properties, create ideal space for testing and playing video games.The “Pacman” and “Tetris” squares allow employees tosocialize and play board games. With modular furniture elements, these spaces can be easily rearranged and moved, depending on their preference or purpose.


The “Meet out Team” installation in the conference room is an interactive game based on principles of the Connect 4 game. Yellow and blue circles that represent Nanobit are designed to help newcomers meet their new colleagues, as well as to present the company to new clients.

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