Officebuilding Taiyuan, HEHE Holdings

Officebuilding Taiyuan, HEHE Holdings

Gerber Architekten
Taiyuan, China
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Officebuilding Taiyuan, HEHE Holdings

Gerber Architekten as Architects

The design is developed from the surrounding urban context. Through an in-depth analysis of the various different spaces and green spaces in particular, the plot is divided in such a way that it opens up into its surroundings.

Thus we are able to create a valuable urban connection through the centre of our building and to orientate the building to the cultural quarter whilst generating people flow around the building. This idea will contribute significantly to the commercial success of the building both for the commercial and office spaces.

In addition, through the concept, a public plaza is formed at the centre of the plot, right between the two office towers thus forming the „heart“ of the plot where the main entrances into the office areas are located. Other urban functions such as cafe and bistro uses support the plaza and provide opportunities for people to stop by, enjoy a drink or meal and also, enjoy the view.

The building itself is conceived as two strong towers complementing each other like brothers and connected by two elevated angled links. The links are almost floating, an effect achieved by carefully arranging the supporting columns. From various different angles the silhouette of the two towers with the link in between form the shape of an H, thus creating a strong image for ‘HEHE’, instantly recognizable and effortlessly promoting the company’s name. All this will open up new opportunities of business development through brand recognition.

Another important aspect of the design is the distinguished treatment of the different facades: for the street-facing facades Shanxi black marble will be used to create a robust protective shell around the whole building, reminiscent of a fortress. In contrast the facades facing the central plaza, will be very light and open by using a glass curtain walling system of subtle elegance. This contrasting use of stone and glass is intended to mark the urban concept: The natural stone fabric on the outer edges of the plot emphasizes the integration into the urban context not only in terms of geometry but also on a more metaphorical level: refering to Taiyuan’s long history of coal-mining. Internally and within the plot, the design uses openness, landscaping and the clear glass tower facade to create a contrast to the outer fabric. The egg-shaped objects inserted into the linking buildings as well as the playful arrangement of the inclined columns will also add to the peaceful atmosphere on the central ‘Plaza’. The treatment of all surfaces is very subtle and uses only high-quality materials creating a variety of effects of contrast, yet in harmony with each other.

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic have been principally separated to assist the strategy described above. All building users and visitors will be able to get to their destination directly and comfortably.

The office floor levels are designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility thus facilitating a range of commercial options on sale and lettings. This drawing set includes different options for office layouts, representing the flexibility and adaptability of the building. On the top of each tower, an exclusive business lounge is proposed providing informal working, meeting and networking spaces in a relaxed, premium-quality environment with spectacular views into the city surroundings.

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