Olivos House

Olivos House

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Olivos, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina - Build completed in 2007

Olivos House

Alejandro Sticotti Architects as Architects

The house is located in a land of 15 x 35mts, surrounded by three English style houses with large gardens.

The transparences of the ground floor integrate the garden with the interior. The large windows allow the fluency with the interior, that it’s valued by the lateral courts scale and the landscape treatment of the dividing walls.

The position of the house in the lot respond to the orientation and to the search of visuals, as well as to the position of the limiting houses.

Taking advantage of the light from the northeast, it was sought to float without touching the medians, without generating shade for the neighbors.

As for the materiality, it is a mixed structure of concrete and iron with retak enclosures lined in exterior wood and multilaminated in the interior. The floors are made in demolition wood.

The house is designed on 3 levels:

Ground floor:

The interiors are very clear. The ground floor in concrete, the wood and glass. The living’s double height allows to visualize the staircase, that even though is ethereal in its construction -just a few thin iron plates for the stairs and a slight round tube as a railing- has an sculptural presence.

First Floor

Then, a floor with 4 bedrooms and a TV / desk room with the library on a balcony that leads to the living room. The bedrooms, following the logic of the house, have wood divisions

Second Floor.

The last floor is reserved for the master bedroom, of generous dimensions, with large views to the neighborhood, square and landscape. The rusticity of the recycled woods, the bedrooms floors made of construction’s brushed planks, and the few but chosen furniture that equip the bedrooms, mark the difference.

This house was, saving the distances, like designing a furniture but bigger. Many things were decided here during the construction and were solved on the march. Such as the staircase, the windows or the garden. 

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