Orchard house
Torben Eskerod

Orchard house

Jeppe Utzon - Architecture & Design as Architects

Placed on the outermost corner of a small town on the island Fyn, this house was essentially designed as one large rectangular room. Inside this a bathroom unit is used to section off the bedroom at the far end from the rest of the main room. And a kitchen is attached as a secondary room at the other end.

Both the north and east facades are mostly closed for privacy. The exception is a few small low windows in the east facade and one larger east facing window in the kitchen to let the morning sun in at the breakfast spot.

The much more open south and west facades are fitted with a series of large glass and oak folding doors towards the view over fields to the forest - and towards the midday and evening sun. When fully open these doors allow the inside and outside to flow together seamlessly through openings of up to more than 7 meters wide to the large terrasse spanning the entire south and west sides of the building.

The main room is outfitted with custom sewn curtains that can be used both as room dividers and for closing off windows. These curtains are translucent and when drawn they act as colourful light boxes at night when seen from the outside.

Covering the inside of the east wall is a 20 meter long and 4 meter high closet wall for storage. Along this is the ceiling is raised and a row of windows put in to bring the light into the back of the house.

Another major consideration was that the client suffers from a condition which would put him in a wheelchair a few years later. To accommodate this the house was designed without any steps inside and also no steps to the outside. The number of doors was also limited for the same reason. Plus the bathroom was designed with a wheelchair in mind.

The material and color scheme of the house is base on the russian Matryoshka dolls. Here with three layers; grey, warm reds and yellows, and then white. To achieve this the house was designed with natural grey materials on the outside; grey brick with grey mortar, wood that turns grey over time and zinc - to deliberately let the building get a weather worn look. This to contrast the warm interior; the red closets, the warm oranges and deep yellow curtain, and the oily warm oak floor. These warm tones are also used to amplify the warmth of the evening sun. Finally, when entering the inner most room - the bathroom - everything is completely white.

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