Oriental Mariveles

WTA Architecture and Design Studio as Architects

Balance Offered in the design is a balance between the tranquility of a nature escape and the rush of an urban getaway - augmenting the program to give the guests the luxury of choice. This way, the hotel can lure and accommodate a wider variety of guests seeking to relax in the best of both worlds.

Open Courtyard To further enable the hotel to deliver a relaxation enhanced by nature, open courtyards are integrated to allow nature to crawl into the program. These also open up views to more spaces and allow a lighter, more porous appeal.

Smooth Profile As if dancing with the fluidity of nature, the building form exhibits a smooth profile that complements and blends with the curves and softness of nature around and within it. This visually adds to the whole calming ambience that can be distracted if the form followed a rigid character.

Open Spaces Open greens are integrated into the design, allowing the hotel to be embraced by nature. Through these, the guests can have wider opportunities to relax with nature in the background.

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Alamo, California, USA - Build completed in 2019
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