Owari Orthodontic Office

Owari Orthodontic Office

Akinari Tanaka
Aichi, Japan
Project Year
Yuko Tada

Owari Orthodontic Office

Akinari Tanaka as Architects

This dental Clinic is in suburb of Nagoya, Japan. The demand of the client is the room which can be relaxed and the noticeable outside.

First, I thought that relaxation room needs to get good scenery. However, outdoor advertisings, electrical wires and structures were destroying this scenery, though there is spacious sky and rice field in Japan's suburb. I traced good things and bad things in the landscape, then the drawing line became one belt. By fastening the belt to the scenery, the spacious sky and rice fields are taken up but outdoor advertising, etc. are covered. And I just made the belt a architecture. As a result, this building came to have a facade along a major road without windows. Along this major road, rather, a taciturn facade stands out.

I attached the skin to the building because of decreasing solar radiation load and changing shadow expression hour by hour. And this skin is originally material of metal for windbreaking. To update the outside a few years later, this skin is independent of the body.

I made internal wooden core volume independent from main structure because the dental clinic has much number of times of renovation. The role of this core is a lighting fittings and partition. In other words, it removed the doors and ceiling lights from this space. And this core is covered with the recycling material that consists of paper and plastic.

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