Oyster farm hangar and temporary dwelling

Oyster farm hangar and temporary dwelling

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Audrey Cerdan

Oyster farm hangar and temporary dwelling

RAUM as Architects

Set in the remarkable countryside of the Ria d’Etel, in a protected area, this building includes an oyster farm hangar and temporary dwelling. The project is designed to reflect the changing faces of the surrounding area – a basin at low tide and a sea loch at high tide – a moving object that can be divided, opened up, and closed again at will. Conceived as a system with multiple configurations, the large space includes two main areas : a hangar and an office / lounge section which gives the oyster farmer (who works alone) a place to relax. A single wood space heater heats the entire wooden structure. The roof is accessible and offers an excellent vantage point for views of the sea. It as agreen roof system with plants that were cultivated during the 4 months of construction work and using soil collected from the site.

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