P29 House
Rafael Gamo

P29 House

vgz arquitectura y diseño as Architects

The composition of the project was achieved by linking all the spaces with the exterior by means of various entrances, gardens and / or terraces, contemplating energy saving and natural light. Taking advantage of the guidelines that allow you to take the most of the sun and enjoy the views.


The compositional scheme starts from an L in which the planes are offset to create a set of inputs and transparencies that erase the inner-outer borders and link the different spaces. Concrete works as a structure and finished at the same time, achieving a palette of materials that change in the same planes, concrete, glass, wood and stone.


Taking advantage of the accesses, the program was divided into two: the first part, with access from the main street, are two floors with social and family spaces open to the garden and terrace. With access to the secondary street there were two levels with services and a double height garage / lounge. The main facade opens onto the east side garden. For the relation of the spaces, lattices, panels and sliding doors were created that play with the level of privacy of each space; We went through the public area in the background to take advantage of the views and the private area in front to take advantage of the sun.


Maximizing the virtues of the site, the social area is at the bottom to take advantage of the views of the city, and the family in front by sun.

The passage is generated through a corridor flanked on one side by a terrace with a water mirror and the other by a double-sided configurable bookcase that reveals the study and garden. The auction is a sliding lattice that allows the space to be transformed according to the situation.


Landscaping was used as a strategy to link with the site, exercising as a decorative and compositional element.

The spaces open from end to end linking the terraces and gardens in a continuous flow of space.


The upper floor is out of phase for a general terrace run and allow operable windows from floor to ceiling, achieving natural ventilation and generous views from the bedrooms.


For a responsible architecture we use passive technology through sun studies that achieve orientations, cross ventilation and the use of thermal materials for energy saving, for generation and reuse of resources.


The roof is a flat and clean surface of 257 m2 that captures up to 15m3 of water in a single rainy event, which is carried by means of a siphonic pipe to a rainwater cistern and begins to drink immediately, the purifying equipment separates the clean water of rain and purification until 30m3 in a day The house accumulates drinking water until for 30 days without need of rain nor water of the public network, it is not used water of the network more than in season of estiaje.

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