Pabellón El Encino

Pabellón El Encino

Taller VeintiséisDiez
Aguascalientes, Mexico
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Pabellón El Encino

Taller VeintiséisDiez as Designers

Focusing on the public character of the Jardín del Encino, where diverse religious and cultural uses converge, we explored the spatial possibilities of the location. The pavilion sprouts from the site as a permeable structure that transforms the relation between the user and the context. Its a container that subtly invites to enter and contemplate the exterior from the interior. The complex morphology of this architectural object is embraced by an inferior line of lights that play with the luminous spots that sparkle from the vertices formed by the intersections between the curves that rationalizes its form. The technology proposed is a dynamic RGB system that allows a chromatic mutation to set the ephimerous over the historical temporality of the place.

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