Pabellon Tendencias Habitat

Pabellon Tendencias Habitat

German Velasco Arquitectos
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Pabellon Tendencias Habitat

German Velasco Arquitectos as Design

Using all their experience and tools necessary to transform the possibilities of this pavilion, German Velasco Arquitectos team created, as always, a new concept reinventing the 36 square meters in endless details, an interior view to be seen walking around the perimeter or going into its corridors, but most of all to avoid losing sight of each of the details that form it.


Fulfilling their objective they reinvented the space in hundreds of possibilities with only one option that parts from the base of infinite alternatives and proposes —as an allegory— a wooden structure that forms a large cube with outstanding niches of different sizes that frame the selected pieces to create a whole integrated of hundreds of small spaces.


The color and texture of the materials were emphasized with light that also generated a series of shadows that gave a very particular dynamic to each detail.

 It is a labyrinth for the eyes and for the adventurers who always need to discover everything that an interior space has to offer.

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