Pabellón Tendencias Hábitat 2016

Pabellón Tendencias Hábitat 2016

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos
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Pabellón Tendencias Hábitat 2016

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos as Architects

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos team was invited to participate in the Habitat Trends Pavilion 2016 with an ephemeral installation, an spatial proposal that has to be installed in 48 hours to interact with the visitors of Habitat Expo at the WTC in Mexico City on the last days of May.

The challenge was very interesting for this creative team that had to land on a 24 sq m space a clear and easy to execute idea maintaining the balance between quality and the necessary investment for the development of this project. Three walls generate a wrapping for 3 geometrical volumes that their locations create interior corridors for the visitors to interact with all the surfaces covered in chalkboard paint.

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