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Pacific Eden

Pacific Eden

Sydney, Australia


Móz Designs as Metal Fabricator

The Site Pacific Eden, a 1,500-passenger cruise ship in the P&O line, recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. Based in Sydney, Australia, the liner journeys throughout southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and popular Australian ports. The updated Waterfront Restaurant features an Aussie elegance with aboriginal-patterned carpeting, faux crocodile upholstery, warm beachside colors and a Weave Wall installation from Móz Designs.

The Challenge “Waterfront has a double-high ceiling, quite unique on a cruise ship, and we wanted to dramatize it even more by specifying a two-story Weave Wall,” says Petra Ryberg, principal designer and MD at Petra Viktoria Design with offices in Malmö, Sweden. Because the ceiling was higher than usual, a scaffolding network was set up so the woven panels could be installed. Additionally, a new system of back lighting had to be devised to illuminate the Móz wall and ceiling panels, giving them the effect of floating off the surface. The ship had a very tight, two-week retrofit schedule in Singapore. All materials had to be to exact specs, on-site and ready to install.

The Solution “The design and composition of the Móz material was very suitable for a cruise ship,” says Ryberg. ”It’s not heavy and allows customizing.

“The texture and shimmering color of Weave Wall were absolutely ideal for this venue,” says Ryberg. “A Móz Bamboo grain was applied to the metal with an Antique Gold color overlay. It’s rich, elegant, dramatic, yet does not dominate the space.”

Móz Designs provided all mounting and installation hardware, and highly detailed construction drawings, so the project moved along without a hitch.

“Additionally, Móz Designs helped us integrate back lighting, giving the illusion of panels floating off the wall and ceiling.

“Móz Designs is a well-known player in the hospitality industry,” says Ryberg. “We were acquainted with many of their installations and monitor their website for innovative and creative ideas.

“The Móz design team was very responsive and had solutions for every concern, such as where and how to position the back lighting, and tips on how to mount the panels.

“We were so pleased with this installation that we specified an identical Weave Wall for P&O’s sister ship, the Pacific Aria.”

Technical Details Weave Wall is fabricated from five contiguous panels of .050-inch thick solid core aluminum that stream up the wall and across the restaurant ceiling. The ribbon-like panels are composed of a series of 4.5-foot segments, which tower 27 feet up the wall and 31 feet across the ceiling. The panels are approximately two-feet wide for a total width of 10 feet. A polygloss coating was applied at the factory to ensure a lasting finish and durability.

The panels weave through a series of Schedule 40 aluminum poles, also finished in antique gold with a polygloss coating. Mounting brackets pre-attached to the poles were used to affix the poles to the ceiling and wall.

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