Palafolls Bus Stop

Palafolls Bus Stop

MIAS Architects
Palafolls, Spain
Project Year
Bus stations
Gael del Río + Luca Bani

Palafolls Bus Stop

MIAS Architects as Architects

A series of windows are placed on the site and, as if they had been driven by the wind, they are composed to give shelter in a spontaneous way in this point of Palafolls where the countryside meets the village.

The windows are folded up and organized over a metal structure, in equilibrium, conceiving a new space where to wait for the bus, to read, to rest ... a place to stay and where the inhabitants can find each other in this gathering space under these windows in the skies.

The bus stop is composed by a principal steel structure, in contact with the ground, which is formed by two beams shaping a cross in floor plan. These structure stands up balancing and it becomes the support of the different windows. The wooden frames are organized over the steel beams in different shapes while protecting the people from rain and sun and during the night they light up remembering us the image of an illuminated window in the middle of the country field.

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Eneco headquarter Rotterdam
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