Palette Bar

Palette Bar

Zürich, Switzerland - Build completed in 2015

Palette Bar in Zurich

In-es.artdesign as Manufacturers

Located right on the famous Bahnhofstrasse in the ground floor of the Hotel Townhouse you will find the Palette Bar which opened its doors in September 2015. It is a cafe, a restaurant and a lounge bar. The space is designed by 12AMTODAY, a creative design and architecture studio with a selective approach towards clients, focused on international projects in design, contemporary art and fashion industry. The studio offers cross industry knowledge required for specialized clients that wish to stand out and experiment. Their strength comes from the fact that they have a cross-industry knowledge that spans across visual communication, design and contemporary art. Contemporary art has become the new creative Eldorado that sets the trend in all industries and they believe their knowledge in this field is essential.


The Zurich main station is just around the corner, the hectic bustle of Bahnhofstrasse is still in your ears, and suddenly by entering this bar you are enveloped in security and cosmopolitan serenity: from a bright and airy entrance into the darker corners of playful opulence. Where do you want to settle down? "Your choice" is the motto of our restaurant.

The space is divided in the “light area” and the “dark area”. You will notice as soon as you enter the “light area” with light coming in from the big windows, the plants hanging from the ceiling and the Trama pendants by In-es design with knitted white lampshades in the front of the room, which cast beautiful shadows on the walls and ceilings. These pendants are characterized by an entirely handmade knitted fabric structure mixed with special resins. The suggestive “crochet effect” of light and shadow on the walls creates a cozy and intense atmosphere. As you move to the back of the bar it will gradually get darker with dark blue rich velvet couches. Protagonist of this room is the gigantic Mezza Luna 2 pendant lamp also by In-es.artdesign, black with a gold like interior hanging from the center of the ceiling, it is made of Nebulite, a specially developed material made of resins and fibers, that mimics the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon’s surface, the pendant is surrounded by comfortable custom made chairs and beautiful especially designed for Palette designed marble tables.

General information : Walls are painted with Farrow and Ball paints, fabric on chairs and couch is from Designers Guild, Marble tables and wall structure was designed by 12AMTODAY, the lamps are from the Italian Design Lighting Company In-es design. Mixing art and design is an art in and of itself—and one that is difficult to pull off. Italian artist and designer Oçilunam founded In-es.artdesign in 2003 to make it happen. His interior accessories radiate pure creativity with an irresistible allure, balancing an interplay of light and shadow with immaculate colour and material contrasts. These illuminating tones have garnered the designer international recognition, highlighting a unique mix of tension and clarity that pulls art and design into a beautifully coherent whole.

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