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Paper Roof Exhibition Space

B+P Architects as Architects

This space creation is designed for the Exhibition of Art and Design Education Projects organized by the Ministry of Education. Students can be guided through national education to cultivate aesthetic knowledge and enhance life qualify. Thus, the design of the exhibition space attempts to achieve this goal, too.


Old Space – Metal Framing

This is a display space that is bound to be embedded in the framework of a building. The old building is the recreation center of the Air Force in the early days. The beautiful metal roof truss has been preserved after the renovation. The heavy ridge made of metal components is supported by the structural truss that starts from the ground. It plays an important role in connecting the inner space and the outer shell of the building. In addition, it will be compressed and converted by the space project into a venue for occasional short-term art performance events.


Material – Paper and Canvas
Paper is the most common and accessible material used in daily life, and learning to use paper is the first step for Art and Design Education. Different papers have different characteristics according to their weight, texture, tension, transparency and hardness. The paper can create a natural and lightweight sag between pulling and holding, and it also creates a space between the curtains. Using this material as the starting point for space creation, it becomes the main feature of the exhibition. It can be dismantled and recycled for further use in schools after the exhibition.


Between Architecture and Exhibition

The metal frame plays an important role of space adjustment, and is the structure of the building roof truss. The backbone between the inner space and the outer shell supports the building envelope; therefore, the exhibition space develops on this metal truss, extending the new components as the foundation support. When we are pulling the paper, canvas and display table, we can make them appear to be floating between the buildings, which also serves to divide the display area.


Conceptually, the light of the canvas against the weight of ridge creates a dialogue between the old building and the short-term event. The canvas is used as the base plate to display the projected information, and it is also used as the background to display the objects, thus supporting the moving lines in the division of the overall space. Therefore, the design of the components need to light and small in order for the display table to be seen floating. The exhibits and educational information can be easily presented after raising the curtains.



The content of the exhibition is to promote aesthetic teaching through the understanding of life and following the principle of “Learning by Doing.” We can create the things in life by observing and analyzing structure and construction, texture and color, and proportion and composition. This exhibition is to introduce the team of Art and Design Education Projects, showcasing the materials and results of the national teachers. Therefore, the design of the space will not only positively reveal the aesthetics of the original space, but also serves as a guide and background for the display of information.


Material Used :

1. Paper Canvas– partition

2. Metal –  structure

3. Plywood - furniture

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