Park Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg

Park Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg


1010 architecture+urban design
Antwerp, Belgium
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Filip Dujardin

Park Groot Schijn, Zone Boterlaar Silsburg

Maxwan as Architects

Is the first detailed design of the Ruggeveld masterplan. The planning area covers 6.5 hectares and is located south of the E313 highway.

The program includes park design (the blueprint for the "green seams" throughout the entire masterplan, landscape design (a qualitative improvement of de Koude Beek Valley), 172 community gardens and a reservation of about 30 additional gardens and a parking for about 50 cars.

So close to the town Antwerpen, the location shows an unprecedented landscape character, with the meandering Koude Beek as the iconique element. The existing landscape qualities be preserved and strengthened. To solve existing water-management, the terrain levels are subtly modified and 4 wadis are integrated in the landscape.

Existing neighborhoods, new garden complexes, green seams and river valley are integrated into one. The garden complexes are robust and clearly recognizable clusters in the landscape. The path network gives access to the park from five different spots, connects all major locations and provides a continuous range perspective. The landscape appears as sometimes wet, sometimes dry, with matching flora and fauna. The vegetation in the green seams, with a nice grass mixture and a rich variety of flowers makes the promise of the master plan true. The entire design meets the pre-established goals for an integrated spatial organization including solutions for the water management issues, including development of the existing nature and a strong desire to make the park attractive for a wide range of users. All the ingredients for an ecological, social, open, accessible and attractive park are there.

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