Park in Jurbarkas

Park in Jurbarkas

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Agnė Gabrėnienė

Park in Jurbarkas

ARARTE as Architects

This is the landscape project in the center of small town Jurbarkas in western part of Lithuania. The site area was very close to the town center and main square, near the government buildings, school, library and shops. Still situation of the site was rather complicated: hilly territory with some trees and one footpath passing through was surrounded by private houses with their yards and gardens. As there was some similar places in Jurbarkas already- nearly wild nature parks - our idea was to change the spirit of the site and make it more integrated to urban territory. We decided to choose contemporary materials and forms, but to use them with a great sensitivity to the existing situation and concrete was the best solution for our purpose. Concrete is one of the signs of contemporary urban culture, but can be used in many different ways. We used white one for steps- benches and black concrete tiles for filling the empty spaces between them. The steps-benches are multifunctional elements and all of them may be used in a very different ways by people of various age. The contrast between black and white elements, between urban and natural, straight lines and  organic forms was the important art principle we have chosen for this landscape project.

We have found that there are three different zones with diverse atmosphere and viewpoints that people pass through when they cross the park. Our purpose was to shape them and emphasize the scale, function and atmosphere of each of them. The amphitheatre zone- the largest one we developed with the spot fountains and little creek streaming down by concrete stairs and nice view to the town - perfect place for gatherings, town events and celebrations. The hillock place- a tiny place to spend time for several people more separately and the third zone- square type chamber place, perfect for reading, spending time with small children, etc.

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