Parklet Henrique Monteiro – Seeds Comfort Food

Parklet Henrique Monteiro – Seeds Comfort Food

Estúdio HAA!
São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Evandro Oliveira

Parklet Henrique Monteiro – Seeds Comfort Food

Estúdio HAA! as Architects

Parklets are extensions of the sidewalk that function as a public leisure and convinience space.

Therefore, while two rotative parking spaces can be utilized by 40 people a day, a parklet, or “live parking”, attend approximately 300 people in the same period, in addion to provide a bigger social interation amongs the citizens, and a democratic land use, not only orientated to cars. This little parklet interventions have a huge reach in space transformation.

Parklets brings the city essence to a small space, wich can be use for a break in the day, resting, meet a friend, to read a book, and manly for none of it and so many other things, and that is the beauty of the democratic use of public space.

The Seeds Parklet enables the free acess for people with reduced mobility in its full extension and was developedin modules in factory to allow a fast assembly at site in few hours.

Inspired in the forms and moviments of the nature, using natural material and fluid forms, there were applied diferent tones of wood and an assimetryc design of the banc, in form of a leaf.

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