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Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Lajeado, Brazil
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Tartan Arquitetura e Urbanismo as Architects

The town of Lajeado is an exponent in food production, with a large number of business in this economic sector. This makes it a suitable place to houses Vale do Taquari Science and Technology Park Nowadays, the construction industry is one of the greatest generator of research and new technologies . The search for efficient, rapid and environmentally responsible solutions moves the industry and generates more and more creative ideas. The Technology Park should also express these concerns in its facade. This was the commitment we took on in this project: the use of an architectural solution which guarantees quick work and generate the fewest possible residues, combining technology and sustainability. The main occupation derives directly from the slope map. This strategy allowed that the three buildings wich compound the complex were surrounded by green areas. In addition to this, the solar orientation in the north-south direction also conditioned the implementation of the buildings. The architecture project has a dynamic volumetric game with an organic occupation principle of a modular space design. This is supposed to meet the growth and adaptability through modular building elements. The architectural party around a central terrace combined with the emptiness of the facades provides an excellent environmental quality, with abundant crossing ventilation and natural lighting in all ambients. The option by using apparent concrete slabs as walls, displays the technique and shows the beauty of the pre-industrial materials. All openings of the facades have shields - opaque vertical louvers - to contain the direct sunlight efficiently in all solar guidelines. The building can be a great fitting game. Finished pieces that are in a construction site.

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