Parque das rotas de Arruda dos Vinhos

Parque das rotas de Arruda dos Vinhos


Pedro Campos Costa
Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal



The Arruda dos Vinhos as a fulcrale point of touristic and cultural interest

Paratelier as Architects

The develop of the project begins from the real identity of this site and the real identity its inhabitants, whose still make a living with wine production and little local companies. It's a city rich of history and with an historic connection with river's waters. We didn't propose only to design a new public space according to the urban center, but we designed a new point of connection for the existing paths: the wine route of the Tagus, the historic route of the towers' fortifications line and the pedestrian and cycle path with a territorial dimension. The topography of the land designs the geometry of this project. The 'Park of the routes' is like a single point in a biggest reality in which three main become fundamental in Arruda's landscape: the first is the park's entrance, in relation with the city center, the second is a children park, with a main access from the residencial area, and third a viewpoint on the vineyards, which highlight the entrance of the linear path along the river. The main entrance is a granite platform wich passes the altimetric difference in height becoming a concrete staircase made by blocks; it's a terrace for the contemplation on the river, a space for many activities. From the principal one some other spontaneous paths branch off, passing through the park. The Arruda dos Vinhos reminds the people of the true identity of the site.

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