Pattanakarn38 House

Phawas Athisiriariyakul as Architects

2storey house directly on Soi Phatthanakan 38, Suan Luang, Bangkok. The surrounding area Is a personal space which is a big family There are houses of relatives. The surrounding areas are mostly residential areas. Plot of land for construction the shape of the land is square, trapezoid. In the land, there will be existing building. The land plot will be seen from the main entrance that is accessed from the outside. The front will turn to the west North west Inside the land there is an excavation of internal wells for rainwater reception. And is a garden decoration within that area Which is an interesting building view and is the main reason for building design

The project owner needs About 500 - 600square meters of living space, consisting of a living room, a working area, a bedroom for the elderly, a bedroom, a master bedroom. The pantry section, dining area and private living room are separated from the reception hall. There is a need for a hobby room in making model figures and gym. Kitchen area, laundry room, shared space between the existing building and the new building. The materials used by the project owner require simple materials, easy maintenance, truthful material that represents the true texture of the material.

The designers allocate the space by arranging usable area of the building according to project owner’s needs. But made a presentation of the view to use the original pond with the building by placing a U-shaped building around the original pond and an interior view of the building. The building is divided into 2buildings. The small building is the office room. And exercise and the main building is the residential area Come to lay the terrace to walk past and see the pond. The location that cut the building into the southwest area Is the direction that the wind blows through and makes it airy Connect the building with the terrace. Is like an entrance to separate two buildings within the area again

The building style, using a tropical building model by using a gable roof, lean-to roof and a concrete roof. The building materials are a combination of cement, wood, steel and glass, as well as building structures. Concrete structures and steel walls around the outside of the building are almost polished concrete walls, penetrating the outer opening of the building to a minimum. For privacy from looking from outside the building by focusing on the openings in the middle of the building to allow every room to see the pond as if the pond was the central court of the house. the living room designed as a high hall for the main view of the building, opening a large opening for full light and wind. The living space is connected without a door. To get the interconnected interior space There are 2 terrace spaces on the side of the pond. The pond can be rowed together to be a family activity

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

SF, United States - Build completed in 2016
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