Paul Bassett PâtissierSeocho [No.100]

Paul Bassett PâtissierSeocho [No.100]

157 Saimdang-ro, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Project Year
Nacasa& Partners

Paul Bassett PâtissierSeocho [No.100]

Spinoff as Architects

The hundredth Paul Bassett shop is designed to further advance a brand that has already drawn the attention of the coffee world. With Paul Bassett Pâtissier, the company has launched a pastry line intended to add value to its reputation for bold yet exquisite flavors and spaces.

Customers step off a wide avenue in Seoul’s Seocho district and climb a verdant staircase to discover, at the far end of a pleasant terrace, an eye-catching open space enclosed in glass. Carefully crafted, jewel-like cakes shine on a striking, high-quality stone counter that makes them look all the more beautiful. Elegant wood and leather tones together with sculptural lighting add accents to the dynamic seating area. At one end, chefs can be watched at work in a “live kitchen” surrounded by corrugated molding.

These many innovative features fuse seamlessly in a luxurious, expansive space that brings the perfect new twist to Paul Bassett’s stylish image.

Material Used:

1. Wood flooring–Floor

2. Curve black matt–Wall Tile– Equipe Ceramicas

3. Artificial Leather–Wall

4. Paint–Wall

5.Paint– Ceiling

Project team
Graphic Designer
BK City
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