Pavilion at Park Aventura, Almada, Portugal

Pavilion at Park Aventura, Almada, Portugal

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Pavilion at Park Aventura, Almada, Portugal

Paratelier as Architects

A volume, a network of shadows, so it can be defined the pavilion at Park Aventura in Almada, Portugal.

The wooden pavilion misteriously stands in openess of a green grass and bark flakes, toghether with scattered pine trees whose thin appearance challenges its horisontality. Soft light, suspended time, shaddows that create architecture, so pavilion reveal itself to the visitor of the park, who while walking can’t avoid seeing the semi-transparent structure, where full is void, where inside is outside.

Flexible, foldable, unfoldable. One central space, freestanding and multifunctional, able to host small events, shows and conferences, equipped with a structure defined by doors, designed as a support for exhibitions and projections.

Completely opaque internal elements put the focus on the functionality of reception the room, the sanitation and the technical areas for the maintance of the park. Among the flowing volumes, among the light reflections that are seen, among the projected shaddows that are hidding.

One unique material: wood, outside rough, not treated, rugged, plain, full. It is transformed into the surface more and more defined and refined. Walls of wood chips characterize an external volumes - OSB. Surfaces of wood dust surrounds the toilet from the inside - MDF. The dark and wrinkled floor is one continius surface.

Inside and Outside overlap, Pinewood and Pavilion merge.

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