Pavilion of Humanity in Brno

Pavilion of Humanity in Brno

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Pavilion of Humanity at Moravske Namesti in Brno, Czech Republic


Moravské Náměstí is a busy square in the centre of Brno, and a vibrant center of Brno’s social life. As it lies right on the Brno ring road boulevard, inspired by the Ringstraße in Vienna, thousands of people walk and drive through it every day. Few of them, however, realize the historical complexity of the spacious area, which used to be part of the city’s fortification system from 1243, a Nazi center during the war, and memorial sites . Last summer, the square gained another historical chapter when it was temporarily redesigned by the Brno architecture studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF, to hold the needs of the multigenre festival “Meeting Brno.” The festival’s theme was the notion of European unity, as it is currently greatly endangered by populism and right-wing radicalization The festival's slogan – Unity in Diversity – paraphrases the official slogan of the European Union and its physical manifestation The installation commemorates historical milestones, to induce solidarity, unity, and calls for tolerance and attempts to initiate a debate about contemporary socio-political issues.

The summer pavilion included a stage, bar, beer terrace, and outdoor gallery with facilities to become a lively urban scene under the open sky for various cultural events.

Based on the schematic diagram of the floor plan of the German House, CHYBIK + KRISTOF made use of a 78 metres long, 39 metres wide and 18.5 metres high construction made of scaffolding tubes of a total weight of 50 tonnes. The central part of the pavilion served as a stage, its right wing hosted a bar and a beer terrace, and the left wing was dedicated to an outdoor gallery with an art exhibition. A red star was painted on the pavement, while sculptor Pavel Kaours installed works that referenced the former communist sculptural group operating in the area. Concrete pyramids leading to the city center, were installed in the main axis of the square commemorating fallen Red Army soldiers. The, the medieval city walls, the oldest aspect of the square, was transformed into a simple fence with information boards documenting dramatic social changes that initiated a majority of transformations of the square area. 

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