Peak Reinsurance Company Limited

Peak Reinsurance Company Limited

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The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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Peak Reinsurance Company Limited modern office design by Space Matrix

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Peak Reinsurance Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based modern and dynamic reinsurer, supporting the development of the global reinsurance industry with a special focus on developing markets. They came to Space Matrix for a new workplace design that would transform their old ways of working and improve staff well-being and wellness. They wished to move away from a traditional layout with 120-degree high partitioned desks, into an open, activity-based working (ABW) environment with height-adjustable desks, flexible meeting areas, collaboration spaces and breakout areas that will enhance collaboration, cross-department communication and support a variety of working styles. As space allocation (desk area and desk size per person) was to be reduced, our team needed to create a cosy, chic and welcoming working environment for staff in order to improve productivity, satisfaction and well-being. 



We specifically included a “Garden Lounge” at the front-of-house area for employees to host casual meetings with clients in a lush, comfortable space that evokes positive vibes. 


The area can also be used by employees for internal events, since it is deliberately situated by windows which showcase the best harbour views and allows employees to have a place to relax and be inspired, boosting morale and productivity. We also introduced biophilia into the office to enhance employee wellness, as biophilia brings colour, joy and freshness into any room instantly.



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