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Pascal Arquitectos as Architects

The guidelines upon which this project was developed are based in two concepts: one that allows a maximum exploitation of possibilities without falling on a typical saturated low range residence, and a second one, very important too, to obtain an acceptable investment return estimate.

To achieve the previous it was determined to create two 19,056.05 m2 buildings development with construction-free garden areas surpassing local regulation compliances; these architectural bodies include the apartment towers and concentrates services and installations creating a wide open project, in which all the terrain is a landscape for the condominiums pleasure and in consequence, a less agressive environmental concept. Towers lower levels remain completely open and the first three apartment levels are transparent.

Wide range in terms of apartment type and services was considered, in addition to take the best out of the gorgeous views that the peninsula offers as well as the nearby beaches and the proximity with Marina Vallarta.

The development provides a variety of complementary services for the inhabitants plus extensive gardened areas, which are common areas and exclusive to the condo owners. It also offers all of the support services to these areas, such as restrooms, warehouses, administrative offices, engine rooms, guardhouses, service rooms, garbage rooms, platforms and other support services.

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Barcelona, Spain - Build completed in 2017
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