Simone Micheli
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Project Year
Jurgen Eheim

People Serviced Apartment

Simone Micheli as Architects

The hospitality field in the last decades has done deep changes increasing the quality and flexibility of the offered service to the contemporary visitor: adapting, indeed, to the changed needs of the man and to the different backgrounds, today, the hospitality structures assume original and smart features, able to offer completed experiences to who stay.

People Serviced Apartment, placed in the beating heart of the city of Milan, makes treasure of such transformations and it configures itself as the spacial concretization of the trends of the actual hospitality field, creating cosy spaces and which enfold the observer, alienating him from the current space-time. The shapes of the furnitures are pure and highly defined, even though they merge with the softness of the corners and the sweetness of the surfaces, they originate a fluid organism which inebriates the space. The white molds the backgrounds and increases its brightness but, through its continuous alternating with the black, the emptiness, the absence, it avoids the stasis of the eye and encourages to the mental and physics dynamicity. Different dimensions compare and overlap themselves giving to the human the possibility to escape. Lively details of color electrify the atmosphere and increase the contrast between fullness and not even written. Blue is the tone of the serenity and calmness, which pushes to the security and to inner power. The light enters in the opening, it reflects and breaks itself on the mirror surfaces and on steel details, creating wise commingling between the natural and artificial and playing the the shadow areas. The faces, as the fragments which compose an unique work, they come in succession on the walls and make the background vivid. They are authentic shots, of daily life which describe the protagonist of every day.

Project Credits
Arnhem Rozet
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