Pequeña Peluqueria / Peluqueria Diego Guerrero

Pequeña Peluqueria / Peluqueria Diego Guerrero

Carol Burton
Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Project Year
Gonzalo Viramonte

Pequeña Peluqueria / Peluqueria Diego Guerrero

Carol Burton as Architects

The project is located in a historic area of Cordoba city. The customer asked us for a novel design in keeping with the traditional style of this area. The premises are a traditional mansion that has been remodeled as a mall. The store was meant to reflect the latest trends, providing a contemporary setting inviting relaxation, with adjustable furniture arrangements and a cozy atmosphere, all done within the limitations of a low budget and other constraints.

The indoor décor was intentionally opened to view through a display window so that all activities should be visible from the outside. This provided a direct contact between the customer and surroundings.

The arrangement of the furniture and displays within the store followed simple lines, using warm-type materials.

The basic requirements were functionality and roominess, This is why small roller chairs and small fixed tables were chosen. This enabled hairdressing seating arrangements to be changed to meet varying needs.

The long dark room used as an ancillary hairdressing salon was given a warmer look through the use of color and brighter illumination.

Soft textures and neutral colors were chosen to go with the furnishing. For this purpose, pinks and yellows provided a gently muted background.

Material Used :

1. Pigmento / Gaya Chairs - Soma Table (metal equipment)

2. Luminika / Lighting Fixtures

3. Lumen / Electrical installation and luminaires.

Project team
Restoration of Fazer Factory
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Restoration of Fazer Factory

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