perfect day®- Deli at Frankfurt Airport

perfect day®- Deli at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany
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Roger Richter

perfect day® - Deli at Frankfurt Airport

3deluxe as Architects

Socially relevant topics in an attractive package: 3deluxe realize a holistic design concept for the perfect day flagship store at Frankfurt Airport. perfect day, the social business enterprise from Wiesbaden, seduces its coffee shop customers to conscious enjoyment whilst procuring respect for people and nature. 3deluxe have created the appropriate setting with an expressive, organic-inspired interior and corporate design. Since February 13, 2014 international passengers in terminal 1, gate A14 airside, are invited to venture into this atmospheric abode, where the harmonious combination of design and coffee culture offers something to be experienced with all senses.

The interior design for perfect day creates a welcoming atmosphere, filled with light.The pleasing effect is based on the balanced interaction of organic shapes with contrasting colors and materials as well as mood lighting scenarios that vary depending on the time of day.The curving contours of the custom-made furniture create a flowing space continuum, that leads from the sales and serving area in the front to the lounge with airside panorama in the back. perfect day offers a stimulating yet relaxing environment, where guests and their well-being are the main focus.

‘The color scheme draws from the natural tones that can be found in the rain forest mountains of southern India. There, a high quality coffee is cultured exclusively for ‘perfect day’, on a sustainable farm,’ explains Dieter Brell, owner and creative director of 3deluxe interior. ‘The fresh white of the coffee flower, the purple of ripe coffee beans and the lush green of the foliage - the colors of the furnishings correspond with the nature photographs of the perfect day visuals. High quality and durable materials such as solid walnut wood and white mineral material finishings illustrate the quality of this coffee shop concept.’ The corporate design was developed by 3deluxe graphics and is an integral part of the interior design. Next to typographic elements on walls and furnishings, illustrations of plants and animals from the rainforest are also present.

The nature inspired interior design transports the core values of the company’s philosophy: as a social entrepreneur perfect day takes responsibility for people and the environment. Non-profit activities range from bio-organic cultivation of the products to strong partnerships with local producers, from targeted facilitation of staff to raising the awareness of coffee shop customers.

Owner Dominique Dauster explains his social business model, that he already introduced to prominent audiences at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum in Davos: ‘The purpose of our corporate venture is to put the coffee farmer into the center of activities. Meaning the coffee farmer sets the price for the product himself, regardless of the world market price. In addition, we use the proceeds from the coffee sales to replant the forest in the country of origin or to support an education center for sustainable agriculture.’

Dauster is also part of the team behind Grameen Creative Lab, a consulting company for social ventures, founded by his business partner Hans Reitz and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Professor Yunus knows that all great things start small: ‘Never think small. Think big! But always start small.’ Dauster also has big plans after the organic growth of the early years. In addition to the headquarters in Wiesbaden and the three branches at the airport and railway station in Frankfurt, 50 stores are to be added over the next ten years.

‘The mindset of ‘perfect day’ and 3deluxe are a great fit,’ says Dieter Brell. ‘Each one of us is trying in their own way to make this world a bit more humane and shape the future more positively. Responsible consumption and a penchant for beauty and pleasure are not mutually exclusive. The internationally frequented Frankfurt Airport is the ideal place to carry this message into the world.’

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