Photorealistic 3D Rendering Model of Night Club

Photorealistic 3D Rendering Model of Night Club

United States

3D Rendering Model of Night Club

TrueCADD as Architects

Objective: Lighting, texturing and photo-realistic rendering to create an exact night view of a club. Challenges: - Project was to be executed and delivered within 2 working days - Client had suggested input material for the project. - Hence, finding similar material and customizing it for use became a major activity and took up a lot of time. - The team was not supposed to use glare lighting - Creating reflective surface for wall and floor in such a scenario, was also a challenge Solution: Substantial amount of material was customized, reflective floor and walls were created and a final well rendered image for the night club model was created as per specifications.

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Burlingame Eichler Remodel
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Burlingame Eichler Remodel

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Burlingame, CA, USA - Build completed in 2017
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