Pichai House

Pichai House

Private Houses
Bangkok, Thailand - Build completed in 2013
Soopakorn Srisakul

Pichai House

Kittiya Architects as Architects

An Environment to be

PICHAI HOUSE is located in the middle-density residential area of BuengKum in Bangkok, neighborhood of detached houses, small apartment, factory, and undeveloped land. The initial idea is to create a getaway place from the city’s potent mix of air pollution, high-temperatures, humidity, and rainy-season flooding, and to live harmoniously in the community.

THE CONCEPT is to create a compacted active core within an extended passive boundary. A set of squared grid, oriented at 45-degree to its border was implied to the master plan, enlarging outdoor space and creating a triangle pocket gardens. Simple geometry, while two squares are joined at the corner creating a primary layout, two identical volumes are vertically connecting by internal stairs, and external ramp. Considering micro climate, the house is raised on pillars to take advantage from natural light and ventilation. Wall and opening arrangement gives it shades, and activates the air flow. The interior and landscape planning compliments the overall environment. In consequence, each room has its own lively private garden, and shares with neighbors as a lighted-airy enclosure. 

By its spatiality, orienting architectural system, re-thinking shared boundary and being responsively to its environment, this house aims to be a retreated living place that activates a lively environment for neighbors.

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AGC Glass EuropeAGC Glass EuropeClear Glass
SCGTerracotta Roof
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