Pirelli Real Estate Headquarters at Bicocca

Pirelli Real Estate Headquarters at Bicocca

Gregotti Associati International
Milan, Italy
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Pirelli Real Estate Headquarters at Bicocca

Gregotti Associati International as Architects

The new Pirelli Group office building stands on the company lot at the north end of the Bicocca area and covers an area of 7,533,473 square feet. The lot is also home to the historic “Bicocca degli Arcimboldi” building, the new Pirelli Tire Research Center and the new service and office “Building 143.” Development of the site is closely linked to the theme of “enclosure” as the lot will eventually contain several different buildings all linked to the same industrial group. The location of the Pirelli Real Estate building (overall floor area of 279,861 square feet) is between Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi and Via Piero and Alberto Pirelli. It is composed of two blocks: “Headquarters 1” and “Headquarters 2,” the second of which is currently under construction. The central feature of Headquarters 1 (floor area of 150,694 square feet), around which the design and body of the building hinges, is the old cooling tower, which has been conserved from the previous industrial development as a visual link between the old and new Pirelli. In addition to its commemorative value, this feature is of great visual and plastic impact. The new building is constructed around it, like an architectural frame to the sculptural structure of the tower. The 165-foot tall cubic building stands on a two-story base, which is covered in vegetation on the exterior and houses the parking areas and the main entrance portico. Three sides of the new “frame” contain the company offices, which are distributed in order to ensure flexibility of organization. The fourth, glazed elevation, which looks towards the old Bicocca degli Arcimboldi building and Viale Sarca, measures approximately 18,298 square feet and weighs 168 tons (168,433 lbs of metal structures and 201,943 lbs of glass). The three-sided (C-shaped) building encloses the full-height old cooling tower in a central hall that functions as an internal space for connection and distribution between the different areas of the building and corporate functions. A new structure inside the tower, designed to follow its profile, supports four new floor systems connected to the load-bearing structure houses functions like meeting and reception rooms. These spaces are connected to the external offices by suspended walkways, a design solution also used in the nearby Research Center. The first floor of the tower contains a 350-seat conference room. Around the internal courtyard there are other reception areas and groups of stairs and elevators that lead to the 10 floors of office space, the plant equipment floor, and the roof. Above the roof is a heliport. The open-space areas in the north and south wings face both onto the outside and the central hall through fullheight, internal glazed faces that, in addition to providing the work-places with high environmental quality, give a direct view onto the cooling tower. The basement floor contains a parking area with an overall area of 72,710 square feet. The starting point for the renovation and reconstruction of the entire company plot and its buildings was the existing constructions in order to provide continuity to the business and production activities in the area. A case in point is the headquarters of Pirelli RE. The project retained the layout of the pre-existing roads on the lot and enhanced the open spaces by increasing the amount of greenery. Headquarters 2 is in the shape of a reversed

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