Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh

Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh

5 Phan Ke Binh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam - Build completed in 2018
Hoang Le

Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh

Takashi Niwa as Architects

A restaurant for gathering in a garden surrounding pizza oven

It is a Vietnamese culture to connect deeply with family and friends through gathering and sharing. Family and friends always come together to share their happiness and stories over meals. Similarly, Pizza 4P’s adopts the motto of “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness”. As such, the challenge of this project is to combine both local culture and restaurant motto to create an appropriate dining atmosphere.

Located at the center of Hanoi, the site features beautiful street plants with sufficient space for an open-space garden. Taking the site condition, local culture, and the restaurant’s motto into consideration, a restaurant with the concept of gathering in a garden was designed to provide a meaningful and pleasant dining space in Hanoi.

Oval court yard with pizza oven to maximize the garden experience

The entrance features an oval courtyard to maximize the landscape view for the customers, giving them a pleasant experience upon approaching the open pizza kitchen. The restaurant layout is centered around the open kitchen with signature pizza ovens, acting as the main anchor.

A special garden experience is achieved by the ellipse fire brick wall which surrounds the dining space and garden. Customers are able to enjoy the chef’s cooking presentation while watching the surge of flame in the ovens from the garden and dining space.

Additionally, the large void with curved staircase offers a unique view to the open kitchen. The curved wall also presents an opportunity for informal meetings among customers. There are large sliding doors at the garden to separate private space for special celebration and events. This layout gives the restaurant the flexibility to arrange the events surrounding the pizza-making space.

The scenery within the restaurant is precious as it provides a different experience during daytime and night. The space throughout the restaurant is designed for the customers to enjoy their gathering whilst sharing happiness together.

Material selection and arrangement to induce the communication with the garden

In order to create a culturally-rich space, a range of local materials that represents Vietnam’s rich culture and resources was chosen, such as cast iron, fire bricks, cement tile, and brass-inlay concrete.

1. Cast Iron wall with plants pattern

Cast iron is widely used as a fence in typical Vietnamese houses. This familiar local material is recognized as a symbol of a garden. To use this unique feature, a curtain-like façade made out of cast iron was installed beside the glass wall.

The cast iron is selectively designed with leaf and flower motifs to give the atmosphere of a garden. They are then arranged according to the window position to provide unique view out to the street trees. It also filters the public street from the private dining space.

2. Fire bricks and handmade bricks

Fire brick is a very beautiful and trustful material in Vietnam. The curved wall at the pizza kitchen is made out of fire bricks, which gives a visual connection to the void of pizza oven. It is connected from inside to the outside of the garden to create a harmonious gathering space.

The garden pavement is made out of handmade bricks. The herringbone pattern creates a beautiful texture and backdrop for activities.

3. Cement tile

Cement tile is a traditional and popular material in Vietnam. There are plant patterns design imprinted on the cement tiles. This allows the customers to connect to the garden atmosphere while looking out to the street trees.

4. Brass inlayed floor

Handcraft is an interesting culture of Vietnam. By using inlayed brass with the arrangement of plants pattern, the interior floor forms part of the intended garden atmosphere. 

The selection of materials and finishes is organised to create a unique dining experience with a garden atmosphere. The restaurant aims to provide a precious gathering time for family and friends in a garden.

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