Plaj Yolu Apartment Block

Plaj Yolu Apartment Block

Troy Architecture
Istanbul, Turkey | View Map

Downtown Housing for İstanbul

Troy Architecture as Architects

Plaj Yolu Apartment Block is located in a central district on the coastline in the Asian part of İstanbul. The project is supposed to provide living environment for the upper class residents who want to have both luxury space and a location in the city center. In order to create such a space, building is designed to have a private dwelling in each level of the block. Entrance of each dwelling is connected with a vertical circulation. This circulation is designed as a spiral stair having the panoramic elevator in the middle, as a reference to the early 20th century İstanbul Apartments. All of the dwellings provide a nice panorama with balconies surrounding the living room and the kitchen. Open plan of the housing provides a fluid space in living areas, on the other hand the bedrooms are contained in a concrete shell protected from the bustling city around.

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