Tamás Bujnovszky

Team: Steef Meijer, Phillip Fai Chung, Kéri Juli, Karl Leung,, Papp Nikolett, Joep Bastiaans, Victoria Guinet

For Project Village 2016 - Settling: Rituals of Arrival the team built and performed a Shou Sugi Ban workshop. Shou Sugi Ban refers to the Japanese technique of charring wood to extend its lifespan. As settling implies an action that requires time, space and craft we wanted to contribute to the longevity of the settlement with one of the first buildings. In order to perform this technique, the team built a fireplace, a table and a shelter. Other settlers will make use of this facility, now and in the future by bringing their material to the workshop and learning the various charring techniques most appropriate for their own purposes.

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