Plaza de "El Almendro"

Plaza de "El Almendro"

Antonio Blanco Montero
Camas, Spain
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Plaza de "El Almendro"

Antonio Blanco Montero as Architects

The square is located at the confluence of several streets with different slopes, which generates a surface with different levels. Originally organized by stairs, pavement is badly deteriorated and the vegetation has emerged spontaneously with the participation of some neighbors. The wooded’s surface roots have generated many problems of flatness on the pavement. The project tries to respond to the needs of accessibility caused by the considerable heights differences. In order to guaranty continuity in the pedestrian path, as well as keeping up the existing sidewalk café, the area is organized two levels with a height difference of 40 cm, connected by ramps. At the edges of these slopes are placed precast concrete benches, separated from the pedestrian area with plant elements, transplanting existing species and adding new ones, always with the cooperation and care of the neighbors who take public space as an extension of their own dwellings. The volume that makes up the kiosk, shaped like a cube, aims concentrate the tension generated by heterogeneous facades that overlook the square.

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