Pont de singe

Pont de singe

Manchester, United Kingdom
Project Year
OLivier Grossetete

Pont de singe -for Tatton Park Biennial


This project builds on a previous piece entitled "Suspension Bridge, the passage" a model of floating bridge in the exhibition space, attached to helium balloons, thus taking literally the term "suspension bridge ". I like the idea that an object is supposed to connect two mobile space, questioning its usefulness. This bridge, floating symbol of all relationships, embodies the space surrounding its slight movements caused by our air movement.

For Tatton Park Biennial dedicated to the flight, I wanted to start from the idea of "hanging bridge" for its evocative and poetic potential, but taking into account the constraints from the outside: the obligation to be securely stowed. So I reversed, with three large helium balloons, the curvature of a rope bridge suspended over a body of water. The bridge built to scale 1 is potentially usable. It is theoretically capable of supporting the weight of a person. Suspension bridges, the inversion graph of the force, stage, or identified, the man's efforts to counteract gravity. Replacing the bearings by helium balloons, the bridge seems to abstract laws of gravity and questions our perception. Flexible cords reinforces the effect of suspension in the vacuum attachment points and gateway. These movements caused by the influence of wind on the balloons make it alive or even threatening depending on the strength of it. In addition, the ends of the bridge are placed in the water, which creates the sensation of an out fields. Gateway arises somehow from another dimension we offer a strange mixture between mystery and clear. The location near the Japanese garden, among the lilies, reinforces the fairy room.

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