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The city of Valencia is suffering an economic and cultural development very important in recent years, which is resulting in a recycling process model and growth of the city.

Among many other projects, perhaps the most ambitious is finally connecting Valencia to the sea. The southern part of the river is beginning to consolidate, and instead, the north, take longer, since you have to remodel and recycling, an urban and consolidated.

No doubt the urban development of the city to the sea will need a connection channels between the two areas, which will undoubtedly lead to new bridges, high added value.

In addition, the old Turia riverbed, has become a green that runs through the city of Valencia, from west to east, but ends up meeting with the Mediterranean Sea.

Well, this meeting of the river to the sea, water park, and north to south, it becomes a landmark point, and conflict, the city of Valencia. What's more, by this same point passes the route of the railway through the city.

Therefore, without a doubt, you need to perform a large-scale organization of this special area.

The proposal includes Luis de Garrido underground train station and metro, a new bridge, and two skyscrapers that line the river, by way of a huge current Colossus of Rhodes. The set is called "PontMare." (The Mediterranean Sea Bridge - The Bridge to Mother Nature). The two skyscrapers have a really impressive and attractive design, inspired by relating inherently "Valencia" Iberian "and" Mediterranean, like the sails of the boats Mediterranean, the horns of bulls, the typical construction of Valencia, the Colossus of Rhodes , the mantle of the Virgin of the Helpless, and the shape of flames.

Therefore, without doubt, Pontmare could become the "symbol" of the XXI century Valencia.

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