Pop-Up Park

Pop-Up Park

Collectif Parenthèse

Ne Rougissez Pas
Rouen, France | View Map
Project Year
Alan Aubry / Métropôle Rouen Normandie

Pop-Up Park

Collectif Parenthèse as Architects

The Armada of Rouen, France, is an event that brings together the world's largest sailboats and ships, every five years. Faced with the majestic immobility of the most beautiful boats in the world, passersby can take the time to stop on the installation carried out by the Collectif Parenthèse.

The proposed scenography is organized in a harmonious dialogue between the geography of the site and the maritime architecture. A succession of vertical lines drawn by a wooden structure of masts and sails that accumulate on the site responds to the horizontality of the sheds, the wharves, the water and the bank. In a stopped movement, these colored triangles prolong the imaginary of the sailboats stopping at the port and diffuse a powerful visual appeal towards the other side of the bank.

The shape of the veils is inspired by triangular veils Latin, Arab and Bermudian. Their graphics, imagined by our friends of the collective Ne Rougissez Pas!, takes again the joyous and pictorial aesthetic of the pavilions and maritime signals. These sails are interconnected by a mesh of cleats providing shading necessary in this summer period. Colorful furniture develops at the foot of each mast. Their changing shape brings different uses: deckchairs, benches, tables, chaise lounges, bleachers or stage; the public can appropriate each space in total freedom.

Objective zero waste: At the end of the event, all the furniture is moved to the city of Rouen, part of the wood is returned to companies in Rouen, masts and sails are stored in our local for future events.

Material Used:

1. Wood – Structure - Douglas

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