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A vector portal acts as the development's central zone. It defines the structure by acting as a warped portal that marks the entry point to the site. This portal frames the development's entrance and opens up to a secret world of leisure and entertainment much like a local diagon alley. The portal's lower frame is a yellow brick road which again reinforces the entry into another world. This road winds through an open square framed by retial shops whose "alleys" lead to the tiangge stalls that form the bulk of the development's stores. This square of porous retail outlets are punctuated at the end by a modern tower clock also acts as an iconic landmark that reminds the northwest communities of the portal's presence and defines the skyline of GMA. This fantastical setting is anchored by cubic blocks on the south corner that defines the site boundary and acts as a marker for passing vehicles.

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El Bosque House
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El Bosque House

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Chiva, Spain - Build completed in 2014
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