Prayer room in takht-soleyman in  historical sites

Prayer room in takht-soleyman in historical sites

Amir Hossein Tabrizi
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Prayer room in takht-soleyman in historical sites

Amir Hossein Tabrizi as Architects

Location:Takht-e soleyman (UNESCO World Heritage Site) near tekab west azarbaijan province-iran Design standards:

capacity:28 person area:38 m dimention:12 * 3.3 m -Create a new volume in the privacy of historic sites with a minimum of interference in visual and physical space.

-Maintaining the highest possible distance from historical sites.

-Utilizing of neutral form and in harmony with historic architecture and landscaping of Takht-e Soleyman.

-Respectful of the functional values, using of the common traditional methods in building of prying room with relying on innovation.

-Construction with removable and reversible.

-Using travertine for coordination with the landscape and site, compatible to the regional climate in irregular form.

-The entries have been made with using natural wood to create an intimate and inviting space for entrances.

-Building interior with a combination of wood and plaster to create a sense of ease and intimacy.

-Constricting fourteen windows in frontage of prying room; according to Shia belief.

-Using a massive stone for direction of Qiblah.

-Utilizing of seven stomata in each side of prying room to remember the seven stomata in the Sassanid monuments entries, refers to the sanctity of hebdomad.

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