Private Apartment in historical centre of Vienna

Private Apartment in historical centre of Vienna

Veit Aschenbrenner architects
1070 Vienna, Austria | View Map
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Concrete Furnituredade-designconcrete kitchens by dade design, dade PANEL PURE - concrete panel, dade FRONT - concrete front
Sink Taps - 921 stainless steel, Shower fittings - 2471081ST stainless steelVOLA
Sanitary - LF-KartellLaufen
Sanitary - WP.XXS1Alape
SanitaryApavisa Porcelanico S.L.

Product Spec Sheet
AIM by Flos
Sink Taps - 921 stainless steel, Shower fittings - 2471081ST stainless steel
Sanitary - LF-Kartell
by Laufen
Sanitary - WP.XXS1
by Alape

Private Apartment in the historical centre of Vienna

Veit Aschenbrenner architects as Architects

Renovation of a completely desolate, in the 70s insensitively adapted apartment, with a typical floor plan of 1900 urban developments. Even though the apartment was in a very bad condition, major parts of it were reconstructed in accordance to guidelines for historical buildings, without it being under preservation order. Interventions are to be noticed only in the entrance/ kitchen/ bathroom/ toilet area. The old corridor was removed to make room for the new central kitchen. Behind the new black magnetic coated wall hides the new enlarged bathroom, the wardrobe and a guest’s toilet.


The new black magnetic coated wall is not only the analogue communication platform of the family but also highlights the serving character of this side of the room. The black wall strengthens the meaning of this side area through the care for detail appointed to this dedicated social center of the apartment. Leading the way to the living room, its significance becomes even more apparent.


“It was evident for the architects that an old flat cannot become something entirely new. Therefore, where the surfaces speak the contemporary language will signs of the past charmingly break the Concrete Purism. For instance, in the form of original dining chairs from Egon Eiermann, Thonet and Hans J. Wegner or the stopper view of the guests toilet with a Venetian mirror originating from the parental apartment inventory.”  Franziska Leeb architektur.aktuell 5/2018


Concrete is the dominating material for the new interventions. The new floor heating system of the 42 m² kitchen is covered by a polished floating screed and the wet rooms are laid by a cemented wax sealing.


The furniture front is made out of fiber-reinforced concrete. The furnishing concept follows the idea of coffers. Only by opening the concrete panels will the inner life of the oak wooden kitchen storing functions, electrical appliances and sink become visible. The usable bathroom surface will once again be covered by the concrete surface. It encloses the cubic sink surrounded by the relaxing light integrated in it. The pendant luminaries used for the lightning are of course also made out of concrete.


Material Used :
1. Flos - Pendant - AIM
2. VOLA - Sink Taps - 921 stainless steel
3. VOLA  - Shower fittings - 2471081ST stainless steel
4. Laufen - Sanitary - LF-Kartell
5. Alape - Sanitary - WP.XXS1
6. Beton Ciré - Contrete Floor and Walllcoating Bathroom - Gris Blanc
7. dade-design - Concrete Furniture 
8. efecto gmbh - Counter top - Elfenbein 2015 gebürstet

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