Private apartment in Vilnius

Private apartment in Vilnius

DO architects
Raugyklos str.21, Vilnius, Lithuania
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Private Houses
Laimonas Ciūnys

Private apartment in Vilnius

DO architects as Architects

A former deprived warehouse, located in a reviving station neighborhood in Vilnius, is now transformed into apartments building with an architects studio on the ground floor. The project became an instance of how the low value architecture may be transformed and inspire the process of revitalizing the street. Instead of demolishing the building DO ARCHITECTS decided to benefit from the existing qualities. Private apartments located on the first floor are adapted for a contemporary needs, offering inhabitants qualities of private entrances and terraces that enhance co-living.

While on the second floor of the building huge loft type apartment with a direct access to rooftop terrace is designed. Interior design of the apartment benefits from the existing qualities, therefore exposed concrete columns and ceilings are preserved and becomes an important element of the interior. Roughness of exposed concrete is highlighted by smoothness of the new walls.

Inner courtyard on one side and continuous glazing wall on the other creates a feeling of an in-between space. These elements not only fulfil space with light but also allow seasons to accompany daily life of the family. Entrance door faces the inner courtyard, therefore the encounter with an exterior starts from the moment of entering the apartment. Adjacent to the entrance zone is common living space which is designed as the heart of the apartment. Expressing a loft-like image - kitchen, dining zone, living room is a continuous space that through accumulation of objects and textures becomes solid and cozy.

Patio which contains access to rooftop terrace becomes an extension of the living space. Rather industrial interior is softened with elongated wooden wall, that enhance the connection with an exterior. Confronted with industrial materials, such as stainless steel, glass and exposed concrete, wooden wall brings warmth to the interior.

Precious art pieces, an important component of the interior, is placed in a well-chosen spots throughout the apartment and therefore the user is constantly confronted with art. White painted brick wall at the end of the living space slightly separates living room from workroom and becomes a blank wall for the art in the interior. Bathroom, another rather semi - private space, is designed like a spacious room. Bathroom is accessed from two sides through semi-transparent glass doors. Use of glass partitions allows to bring natural light into the room and enlarges it. In the deepest part of the apartment bedrooms are placed, with an aim to have all the possible privacy. The compact size of the bedrooms reflects their main function of resting.

Interior project respects and benefits from the existing condition as well as reflects the idea of doing what is necessary and avoiding the redundant.

Material Used :

1. Brolis Timber - wood flooring and wall cladding

2. Fasadus - Inner courtyard glazing

3. Wenge - doors

4. Smige - Bathroom countertop

5. Muresta - plumbing

Project team
Product Specifications
Brolis TimberWood flooring and wall cladding
FasadusInner courtyard glazing
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