Private house in Hinterbrühl near Vienna

Private house in Hinterbrühl near Vienna

seegrotte hinterbrühl, Austria
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Private house in Hinterbrühl near Vienna

Wunschhaus as Contractor

Created as a ‘pebble in the forrest’, this private house is built in the Wienerwald-forrest surrounding Vienna. Asserting its presence through a massive brick and concrete shell streaked by dominant glass elements, this house sets a man-made contrast to the surrounding nature. The design focused on catching the different nuances of sun beams during the day, thereby creating a gradual transition from exterior to interior.

The zoning of the rooms in the floor plan primarily relates to the garden. In each room the view outside is the most important element. The balconies and terraces act as an extension of the living area and the interior of the building. The central connecting link between the three functionally split storeys is the open staircase. The open space in the staircase is used to set up a huge christmas tree every year in December.

The dominant feature in the interior are the play with different room heights and the open design of the common living and hallway area.

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Redbridge School
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