Progetto Ellen

Progetto Ellen

Fabio Fantolino
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Private Houses
Omar Sartor

Palazzo Ellen

Fabio Fantolino as Architects

Ellen, is a feminine name, in contrast with the austere characteristics of the architecture and wants to pay homage to the connotation of twins: Ellen as "Ellen Kessler", one of the two famous twins.

Choosing a feminine name, although strong and of great character, is a deliberate choice to soften the rationalist forms typical of the hard but at the same time fascinating architecture of the '30s.

Located in the heart of Turin, Ellen proposes a reuse of the last five floors above ground for residential purposes, as per the original project of 1936, and a complete restyling of all common parts, respecting the existing stylistic features while maintaining the rationalist architectural style of the '30s.

The stairs and the common parts are enhanced through the balance of volumes, the review of materials and a dramatic lighting, with the careful study of space and balance of forms.

The intervention on the facade was based on a recovery of the original characters, restoring the existing flower boxes, but creating new loggias on the inner courtyard, winter gardens on the main facades and new terraces on the 6th floor on Via Gobetti.

The real estate units are prestigious, bright, airy and customizable, embellished with flower boxes, terraces and large balconies. From the top floor, beyond the rooftops of the center, the elegant solution with panoramic terraces and the unique view of the hill and the rooftops of Turin, allows you to enjoy the surrounding space in an open and private way. The roof has also been enhanced with the creation of dormers for the bright outbuildings of the prestigious urban villas in the heart of Turin.

The existing entrances, the one on Via Lagrange and the other two on Via Gobetti, the stairs and the common parts have been enhanced through materials that evoke a vintage lexicon to enhance the historicity of the building, the gré log and marble alternating with contemporary references such as polished tiles and contemporary lights to balance the project. The three entrances, in the same shapes and volumes, play on different colors to give a different and strongly characterizing soul to each one.

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