Project multi-purpose center in Karlsruhe

Project multi-purpose center in Karlsruhe

Davide Randi

Andrea Albini
Karlsruhe, Germany | View Map
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Project multi-purpose center in Karlsruhe

Davide Randi as Architects

Karlsruhe is the third largest city in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. His heart, characterized by a large wooded park, has a circular shape at the center of the castle stands. From the castle start a series of connected beams from concentric rings that make up the city streets. The building fabric, characterized by the type with construction on the perimeter of the lot and courtyard, points out the following lines. The building is part of a series of posts in the court buildings on the edge between the circular shape of the park and the city built according to the two generators. The compositional principle is inherent in the city and the building it is fully participate. It was resumed the type of buildings that are part of the ring but it has been reinterpreted the space thanks to the arrangement of horizontal and vertical elements, floors and baffles, along the generatrices. The various levels are designed as plates supported by misaligned partitions and warps along the dominant directions.

The effect is highly dynamic and clear a building. The exhibition rooms are located in the body facing the city; Here the building relates to the circular driveway that has a strong dynamic value and induces a "push" on the elements of the building. As if the drive was metaphorically a river with a flow that directs the elements. Before a large septum in L that serves as a constraint, then the transparency of the glass which makes glimpse the sliding of the internal baffles, the leakage of these and the sliding of the slabs. All this leads the visitor to move along this sequence to introduce it within the court through an opening on the ground floor. On the side facing the park who prefer greater transparency by placing baffles in the radial direction. This scan is reminiscent of the arcades on this side all the other buildings. The baffles protrude from the windows and cut like blades plans, which slide over each other in order to perceive a shift in the radial direction that causes a strong feeling of exchange between inside and outside that are not clearly separated, but filtered.

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